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Tania Mykyta

Principal Solicitor
Mykyta Lawyers and Consultants

Tania Mykyta has a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Adelaide. Her extensive employment history covers a wide and eclectic range of interests including public administration, general law, social justice, family law and, most recently, education and care services.

Tania’s principal work in the last seven years has been working with businesses and workers in the education and care services sector. She has worked with clients on establishment of businesses, meeting regulatory requirements, advocating on behalf of clients with regulators (both Regulatory Authorities and Australian Government), assisting with and responding to audits and compliance reviews, and litigation.

Prior to coming to the law, Tania worked in the Australian Public Service and was active in the union. As a lawyer, Tania has worked in large, top-tier firms, in smaller suburban practices and in the community law sector. Her own practice based in Footscray has seen her working extensively with people from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds which she very much enjoys. These experiences have given Tania insights into the issues people have in meeting their regulatory obligations, practice and experience in teaching people how to interact with government regulators, and skills in working with people from all strata of business and regulation.

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